dog names

Meaning of the names

We collect the names. If you think you have a better description, please fill in the form and help us to create a usefull resource.

Choosing a dog name

Choosing a dog name for your male or female puppy. The dog name you choose says as much about you as it does about your dog - puppy. It shows how you view your dog and your relationship with it. Some dog names can cause people to judge a dog - puppy and react positively or negatively/fearfully when meeting it. Depending on whether the dog - puppy is a pet, therapy dog, search & rescue dog, tracking dog or any other dog that works with the public, it is important to use a dog name that conveys the proper image. Have fun searching the dog names & puppy names below your new puppy!

If you have a race dog and if it is a officiele race dog and it's only for in (tribes) book. Then that must start with a certain character, but moreover is that by association another character. And if you then the officiele name on pedigree papers have stand, you call him ordinary instead of Pearl, fresh Princess or bel of air (because that type kulnamen it concerns!) ordinary Joost! That stipulates you, as it happens, nice yourself!